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Attitude of the Insurance Company to Your Injury Claim

No matter how friendly an ICBC adjuster appears to be, he or she is not your friend. They work for the insurance company.


Their main responsibility is to their employer, the insurance company, which is most concerned about its “bottom line”, not yours.


Some adjusters will even tell you that “you do not need a lawyer” or “if you get a lawyer we will not give you anything”, although this is absolutely improper.

ICBC spends millions of dollars every year hiring experienced personal injury lawyers and so-called “independent” doctors to fight injury claims just like yours.


Hiring a lawyer on your side does not mean that you will necessarily have to go to court to settle your file.


Approximately 95% of cases are settled without going to trial, by using preliminary litigation steps, negotiations and mediation.


Things You Should Know About Your Claim

All injury claims have important limitation dates that you MUST be aware of to preserve your claim.


In British Columbia, the limitation period for starting your lawsuit is two years from the date of your accident in most cases, but you should obtain legal advice right away as there are many other factors that affect your claim.


In British Columbia a traffic accident victim’s compensation usually, but not always, comes from ICBC.


Some injuries that the Insurance Company sees as minor can have a significant effect on the injury victim.


Compassionate service, recognizing the special concerns and needs of accident victims, is a priority at Dawson & Associates.


We are experienced at representing clients with most types of injuries resulting from motor vehicle and other types of accidents.


We act for clients with minor to catastrophic injuries including post traumatic stress, chronic pain syndromes, head injuries and cognitive impairment.


We act only for clients who have been injured, never for insurance companies. We represent injury victims, not insurers of negligent people.


We have represented hundreds of clients, obtaining fair and just compensation for them.


We give straight answers to your questions.


Most cases do not need a trial, but the insurance company needs to know that you and your lawyer will go to trial to get justice if necessary.


We advise, but the final decisions are always yours.


The sooner your lawyer is working for you the sooner we can ensure a “level playing field” versus the insurance company’s lawyers and adjusters.