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ICBC Claims Vancouver

If you have had a Vancouver car accident, or need a Vancouver personal injury law firm for an ICBC claim anywhere in British Columbia, contact us for a free legal consultation.

As a Vancouver injury lawyer I specialise in representing people who are injured in car accidents when there is no fault (or “liability”) against the victim. Lawyers who mostly represent victims of vehicle accidents in BC are often referred to as a Vancouver ICBC lawyer or car accident lawyers as most drivers in BC are insured by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. As an ICBC lawyer Vancouver based, I am able to work for clients who have been in a car accident Vancouver, or anywhere in the Province.

Vancouver ICBC Lawyer

We have 20 years experience in ICBC claims.  Unfortunatey, there is often a time limit on ICBC claims Vancouver.  So get started now.  You don’t have time to wait.  Contact us for a free consultation, download a get started kit, or start your claim online today.  


Roger A. Dawson,

Personal Injury ICBC Lawyer Vancouver